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Welcome to Maple Ridge...

aka Haney, Hammond, Whonnock, Webster's Corners, Yennadon, Albion, Ruskin and The Ridge. These original neighbourhood names, formerly the post office names in those communities, have persisted through the years even after the original post offices are long gone - except in Whonnock, but that's another story.

Our history is framed by these neighbourhoods and their stories. They each have their own schools, churches, industries, founding families and special features. Their persistence sets the tone for the modern personality of Maple Ridge and allows newcomers to adopt the deep roots of their new home.

The Maple Ridge Historical Society has been the primary steward of community history since its inception in 1957. Our extensive collections of photographs, documents and objects are in large part due to the efforts of the early society to collect materials and information from pioneers before they passed on.