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Haney House Visitor Experience

Guided tours of the house are offered between 1:00pm and 4:00pm on Sundays year-round, with extended summer hours. Special programs and events are part of the annual activities at the site, including Saturday and Sunday afternoon tea on the veranda in July and August, Canada Day celebration, and a Mother's Day Tea.

Haney House was designated a municipal historic site in Feb. 1979 after it was donated to the community by the descendents of the Haney and Hawley families. Restored with the aid of a B.C. Heritage Trust Grant, Haney House has been open to the public since 1981. Haney House, as it can be viewed today, depicts the changes in domestic life between 1878 and 1978.

Visitors are guided though the kitchen, parlour, dining room, bathroom and bedrooms, filled with items used by the family during its time there. Aside from a few donated items, about 95% of the furnishings in the home came from the Haneys and Hawleys. Features of the main floor are a farm kitchen, family portraits and furnishings in the parlour and dining room. Upstairs is a fully furnished master bedroom, little girl's room, priest's room and a bathroom.

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