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Haney House Site History

Thomas and Anne Haney migrated to Maple Ridge in 1876, purchasing 160 acres of the Wickwire Estate for $1000. They moved into a riverbank cabin at Wickwire's Landing, which was subsequently re-named Haney's Landing. Two years later they moved their family into the Haney House.

This attractive home was built on the hillside overlooking Haney's Landing and the Fraser River. Thomas Haney had considered a home site closer to the riverbank, however, the unstable soil conditions prompted the family to move further up the hill, a wise decision as the slide of 1880 would have demolished a house built by the river. Thomas, a bricklayer from Ontario, built the house in 1878 with the help of Samuel Edge and Daniel Callaghan, his father-in-law. Pieces of the acreage were later sold off and by the 1920's, it was down to the one acre that remains today.

Family photographs suggest that the house was patterned after the more elaborate brick and wrought iron structure of the William Haney family home in Princeton, Ontario. The scroll work and turned wooden posts of Haney House show the sense of aesthetic value the Haneys brought with them. However, economic and social difficulties of the time, between east and west Canada, dictated a simpler structure for our Haney House.

This home remained the residence of Haney descendants until it was donated to the Municipality of Maple Ridge on Jan. 25th, 1979, by Mary Hawley, her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Hawley (nee Haney) and her brothers Joseph and Bernard Hawley.

Since 1878 the house has undergone surprisingly few changes. Part of the dining area was once used as a woodshed, the upstairs bathroom replaced a bedroom, another bathroom replaced a downstairs pantry and double windows were put into the kitchen and dining rooms. In the early 1900's, the staircase was also changed from a position of dividing the living room and dining room areas, to the north wall of the dining room.

Then the balcony of the master bedroom was enclosed to care for a daughter, Birdie Haney, with tuberculosis and remained enclosed until the restoration. Outside there was, at one time, a long milk room attached to the north side of the kitchen.

As the milk room would suggest, Haney House was originally built as a farm house and is so classified by the Heritage Conservation Branch. Thomas Haney cleared and farmed his original 160 acres, however, he also started the first brickyard and waterworks in Maple Ridge. Thomas gradually decreased the size of his holdings through donations of land for churches and by selling property to private parties. The property was eventually reduced to a size where it was no longer a viable farm.

The Haneys were devout Catholics and until 1881 Roman Catholic Services were held in Haney House. After the first church was built, on land donated by the Haneys, the house continued to receive many visiting priests. In 1882, the town site of Port Haney was registered. Thomas named St. Anne's Street after the patron saint of his wife, and Callaghan Street for his father-in-law, Daniel Callaghan.