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Heritage Week

Heritage Week takes place every year in the third week of February. Each year there is a theme shared by all heritage institutions in Canada. As part of this celebration of our heritage, the Maple Ridge Museum is involved in a variety of public activities. During the month of February the Museum creates a display in the Maple Ridge Library based on that year's theme for Heritage Week. These displays give the public a chance to see material from the museum that is not normally on public display. These displays bring the theme to life and show how it is related to Maple Ridge history with a mix of objects, photographs, newspaper clippings and other material.

As part of Heritage Week, the monthly meeting of the Maple Ridge Historical Society will focus on the Heritage Week theme. A guest speaker is brought in and they deliver a lively presentation followed by time for questions and socializing. This takes place at St. Andrew's Heritage Church Hall on the fourth Thursday in February.

Our community partner in heritage, the Community Heritage Commission, also hosts an event at St. Andrew's Heritage Church Hall on the third Thursday of February. This is the CHC awards night where they honour buildings and their owners plus the dedicated heritage volunteers of the community.

Please see our Events Calendar for more information.

The Heritage Week Themes: 2009-2012

2009 "Heritage of Education"
Schools, colleges and universities
2010 "Our Communications Heritage"
Buildings and sites related to post, telegraph, telephone, radio and television
2011 "Heritage of Sport and Recreation"
Parks, stadiums, arenas, leisure and vacation places
2012 "Heritage of Power"
Water mills, hydroelectric plants, transformer buildings