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Museum Expansion Plan

The goal is to provide current, former and potential residents of our community with the means to make our history their own through the collection, preservation and sharing of our historic images, documents and artifacts. Critical to that ability to share is the expansion of space to accommodate displays of currently stored materials and to provide public access.

museum plan

New Gallery Space

Exhibits are the heart of any museum. The new museum will feature exhibits that educate and entertain, highlighting the history of our community.

  • Natural History and First Nations Prehistory gallery — to be designed and planned with representatives of Katzie & Kwantlen First Nations.
  • "Community of Communities" gallery — to feature each original neighbourhood of Maple Ridge within its own 'museum within the museum'.
  • Timeline gallery — to show the evolution of Maple Ridge by highlighting the arrival of key industries, transportation routes, power supply, and key infrastructure elements.
  • Changing exhibit spaces -special displays on changing themes.

New Community History Space

The Community History space provides access to the research resources of the Museum to people who want to learn more about the history of their family, home, and community.

  • Archival storage — a climate controlled storage vault will be constructed to hold original documents, photographs and other sensitive items.
  • Community History Reading Room — to serve as a workspace for researchers to access our archives, reference files, newspapers, and out-of-print book collection.
  • Historic Costume collection — access to be provided to our reproduction historic costume collection.

Administration and Work Space

  • Administration offices
  • Workshop space — to construct displays, conserve artifacts, and process donations.
  • Storage — space for objects not on display.
  • Volunteer space —- to provide a place for volunteers to gather and work.

Revenue Generating Space

Planning for diversified revenue is an important part of the planning. Opportunities for revenue generation include:

  • Providing archival storage to community organizations for their records on a fee for service basis.
  • Renting out the classroom and lobby for special events and programs.
  • Providing school and public programming in the classroom and galleries.
  • Providing visitor services, including a gift shop, and possibly food service.